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2 Sunday and than Christmas is coming 😀

Did you start your Christmas shopping?

What do you think about an original crochet idea to decorate your presents?

A gift ribbon crocheted with Swan Thai cord!

“It takes pleasure meeting the gaze of someone who has just made a gift.”

(Cit. Jean de La Bruyère)

And is fantastic if you have made it with your hands, you donate a part of you!

This crocheted gift ribbon is very easy to do and I show you how to made it in this following video 


For this item I used a golden Swan Thai  cord from Tresfere and I worked with  crochet hook size 3 mm

Code color: SW – 036


Abbreviations and meanings

Crochet pattern gift ribbon

To crochet the bow I follow the pattern in this post, but I reload it here follow: I change the start point and I crochet from the center :

Work in row. Start each row with 1 CH (= is not a first stitch). At the end of the row turn the work.

  • 1st row: Make 2 CHs and work in the 2nd CH from hook 2 SC
  • 2nd row: INC in each SC (4)
  • 3rd row: 1 SC in each stitches (4)
  • 4th row:  1 INC in the first stitch, 1 SC in the next 2, 1 INC in the last stitch (6)
  • From 5th to 7th row: 1 SC in each stitches (6 per row)
  • 8th row: 1 DEC in the first two stitches, 1 SC in the next 2, 1 DEC in the last two stitches (4)
  • 9th row: 1 SC in each stitches (4)
  • 10th row: 2 DEC (2)
  • 11th row: 1 SC in each stitches (2)
  • 12th row: DEC (1)
  • 13th row: INC(2)
  • 14th row: 1 SC in each stitches (2)
  • Repeat from 2nd to 12th rows.

Unit the two end together with 1 SL ST and work 1 SC around the bow. Fasten off and cut the yarn, leaving a long tail to view.

Now the bow  is ready, make a  band with chains.

Start in the 3rd CH from hook and work a HALF DOUBLE CROCHET in each chains.

Fix the bow on the band and leave a long tail before cut it. Wrap the cord on the  center of the bow and make two knot to fix it. (watch the video for the details)

And now a recycle idea!

After using all gift wrapping paper, DO NOT trash the last paper roll but use it to make named tags for your Christmas presents.

In the video I show you how to realize tag with my daughter name “NICOLE”,  I sign a “O” with a funny snowman and the point of the “i” with a snow ball!

Names your tags with the name of all the friends or parents who will receive your Christmas gift!

Make a hole where you can insert a piece of golden cord.

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