Goodbye 2017 and welcome 2018

Dear 2017,

you’ve been really hard to bear! But in this new Year, I turn the page and I’m working on news for my blog!

2018 announces more demanding then 2017, why I found a job and  I will be distant from the social for most of the day!

I hope anyway to find time to take care of my  love.CROCHET,  YOUTUBE CHANNEL, FACEBOOK  GROUP and my CREATIVE DIARY, this blog!”

I start with some changes and I want to make improvement in all my collected posts!

Furthermore I want to have a Mascotte in my virtual adventure and I introduce you ….

my assistent LITTLE OWL

You’ll find him during my video tutorials, in some posts of my blog or Facebook! ^_^

Soon I’ll create a VIDEO TUTORIAL to crochet my LITTLE OWL, stay tuned! 😀


“Do you want to see what I have crochet this year 2017 ?

Watch the thumbnail down here and If you want to read the posts about one of this item, go in my ARCHIVE BLOG >> YEAR 2017, under each photos you find the month of creations!

“This year, after the increase of followers (CROCHETTED FRIENDS) in my Facebook Group UNCINETTIAMO CON GIULIA, I start to realize some video tutorial opn request but I have helped just two of my friends, Margaret and Marcella!

So, in this 2018 I  want to open a RUBRIC in my blog and youtube channel about your all request!!”

Here the playlist of my YouTube Channel >> RUBRIC: your request!

And then  there is  my CROCHET SCHOOL that I start in my Facebook group SCUOLA UNCINETTO CON GIULIA, where I collect posts and VIDEO TUTORIALs in my YouTube channel!”

Here the playlist of video tutorial about the basic crochet stitches >> CROCHET SCHOOL


I warn you that all my posts in this blog about the crochet school will be updated, why I want to improve my lessons:

  • I want to improve the quality of the video tutorial,
  • I want to improve the argument in my posts to give you all the necessary informations!
  • I want to make it funny,
  • I want to create a TEST where you can verify your knowledge and ability!
  • I want to create NEW POCKET CARDS TO DOWNLOAD with the summary of the lesson about the CROCHET STITCHES to make your own CROCHET BOOK.

I inform you when ready in my Facebook group UNCINETTIAMO CON GIULIA ^_^

“I have more projects to do and I feel full of positive energy to start the new year 2018 !!”



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