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It’s Carnival time and my girls are happy to wear their favorite hero LADY BUG! Do you know her?

Read more to know about this hero and how to crochet LADYBUG WIGS!

in collaboration with “Il filo di Arianna maglia e uncinetto” and ICE YARNS

Today my little ladybugs can wear their long awaited crochet wigs  of LADYBUG and if you want to know more about this french hero I tell you the story:

"is an animated Franco-Japanese-Korean series, produced by Zagtoon, Toei Animation, SAMG Animation, Method Animation and De Agostini Editore. The first series was broadcast in France from 2015 to 2016, while here in Italy the cartoon has been broadcast since February 2016 on Disney Channel and Super! The heroes of this cartoon are two fifteen-year-old Marinette Dupain-Cheng and Adrien Agreste who attend the same school and receive two jewels from Maestro Fu (the guardian of Miraculous): the Miraculous of Ladyb ug(entrusted to Marinette) and the black cat (entrusted to Adrien).
Our two teenagers, with their Miraculous jewels can transform and receive powers that will help them defeat the bad Papillon, who tries in each episode to steal the jewels of the two heros using ordinary people turned into super-bad by using their negative feelings.
A beautiful story that fascinates girls from 8 to 12 years also for their intriguing love story ... the sweet Marinette is hopelessly in love with Adrien, a handsome, rich and good-hearted boy, but both do not know they are always together during their battles against Papillon ... and the same Chat Noir is hopelessly in love with Lady Bug, who does not know that Marinette is hidden behind that mask, considering her just a simple friend! "
(if you want to read more details of this cartoon here is the link to Wikipedia)


Used materials:

copyright 2018 –

The WIG is realized with:

  • YARN: 100% acrilyc ICE YARN 
  • CODE COLORE: fnt2-53828

(if you want , you can buy it  here)

Why the choice of this yarn?

I choose this yarn for his thickness and compactness at the end of the work.

The thickness allows me to make a few strands to cover the hat and the yarn is warm , ideal if our children have the party outside !
With one 100 gr you can make 1 wig with two tail and it should advance some to make the threads on it, but I suggest you to buy two ball of this yarn

So are you ready to crochet?

Follow my VIDEO TUTORIAL and here below my CROCHET PATTERN!


Library stitches (US terms):

Use the technique of the PERFECT CIRCLE! Read HERE

if you watch all my video at the end you can see how to do PERFECT CIRCLE, DECREASE and HOW TO JOIN THE NEW YARN!

Wig headset

Work in spiral “perfect circle”.

  • 1st round: MR and 6 SC inside the ring
  • 2nd round: INC in each stitches around (12)
  • 3rd round: *1 SC, INC * repeat from * to * around (18)
  • 4th round: 1 SC, INC * 2SC, INC *, 1SC in the last stitch (24)
  • 5th round: *3SC, INC * (30)
  • 6th round: 2SC, INC, *4SC, INC*, 2SC (36)
  • 7th round: *5SC, INC * (42)
  • 8th round: 3SC, INC * 6SC, INC *, 3 SC (48)
  • 9th round: *7SC, INC* (54)
  • 10th round: 4SC, INC, *8SC, INC *, 4SC (60)
  • 11th round: *9SC, INC* (66)
  • 12th round: 5SC, INC, *10SC, INC *, 5 SC (72)
  • 13th round: *11 SC, INC * (78)
  • 14th round: 6SC, INC *12SC, INC *, 6 SC (84)
  • 15th round: *13SC, INC * (90)

At the end of this round you have reached 52-53 cm of circumference (ideal for a little woman head or a girl from 6 to 9 years)

Print this PDF pattern to measure the circumference, click here >> PATTERN - Circumference LadyBug wigs
  • 16th to  32nd round: 1SC in each stitches around (90 per 17 rounds)
  • 33rd round: *13SC, DEC * (84)

Cut 40 thread, 40 cm long from the yarn. The numbers of thread is facultative!


Work a conventional circle in spiral method. Mark the last or the first stitch of each round with marker

  • 1st round: MR, 4 SC
  • 2nd round: INC in each stitches around (8)
  • 3rd round: 1 SC in each stitches around (8)

turn the work on the wrong side.

  • 4th round: *1SC, INC * (12)
  • 5th round: *2SC, INC * (16)
  • 6th round: *3SC, INC* (20)
  • 7th round: *4SC, INC * (24)
  • 8th round: *5SC, INC * (28)
  • 9th round: *6SC, INC * (32)
  • 10th round: *7SC, INC * (36)
  • 11th round: * 8SC, INC * (40)
  • from 12th to 14th round : 1SC in each stitches around (40 per 3 rounds)
  • 15th round: *8SC, DEC * (36)
  • 16th round: *7SC, DEC * (32)
  • 17th round: *6SC, DEC * (28)
  • 18th round: *5SC, DEC* (24)
  • 19th round: *4SC, DEC* (20)
  • 20th round: *3SC, DEC* (16)

Stuff the tail

  • 21st round: *2SC, DEC * (12)
  • 22nd round: *1SC, DEC* (8)
  • 23rd round: 1SC in each stitches around(8)

Work together the two parts with 1 SC to close the hole.

Fasten off and cut the yarn leaving a long tail used to sew (watch the video tutorial above!)

Make a second tail and fix it on the wig headset

In the video I do not show you how to make the hair ribbon

Make 75 CHAINS with a red cotton yarn and 20 gr are enough

On the chain you have to work 1SL ST from the second CH from hook and in the next 2 CHs, 1 HDC in the next 68 CHs and finish with 1SL ST in the last 3 CHs.

Ok, now you have to wrap around the tail!

If you follow my video tutorial share your photo in my PINTEREST dashboard clicking here

♥ Thanks for watching and reading! Stay curious! ♥

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