How to hold a crochet hook and yarn, slip knot and chain

catenella uncinetto

We keep on with the research how to crochet and today we speak about…

how to hold a crochet hook and yarn, slip knot and chain.

In the last research I wrote about this following topic:

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Are you ready to learn crochet?

Now we start to know HOW TO HOLD A CROCHET HOOK:

How to hold a crochet hook:


The are different way to hold a crochet hook and in the video I show you how to take with the left and with the right hand.

  1. Like you hold a pencil, put your thumb tip and forefinger in the center of the hook;
  2. Like you hold a knife, clenched with the thumb tip and the middle finger the center of the flattened part;
  3. Like a fiddlestick, keeping the center of the flattened part with the thumb tip and the middle finger.

To know how of this mode are perfect to you, is the once that allow you to work with the yarn easily.

Sure there are other more mode to hold a crochet hook, but the first of all is to take the hook in the center of the hook and not near the crochet tip.

Slip knot:


The next step is to learn slip knot and in the video I show you the 3 methode that I learned.

In the web you can find other methode and if you want to show me yours… write me in the comments ^_^.

The slip knot you haven’t to count like a stitch of the crochet work.

How to hold the yarn:


Now we have to learn how to hold the yarn.

During the crochet work is important the tension of the yarn.

There are differents way to hold it, and in the video I show you my method.

Practically you have to hold on the yarn with the forefinger, whilst you adjust the thread flow with the pinkie and middle finger. With the thumb finger you hold on the work.



Let’s go on to work a chain the first thing you have to do when you start a crochet work and work on it the all point stitches.

Watch the video!


All the crochet work start making a number of chain and “foundation chain” is the definition. 

Let’s look closer a foundation chain.

Watch the chain in the photo to see the front of the foundation chain. You can see two loop, the front is the upper loop and the back is the bottom loop.

Seems to form a V .

When you have to count the chain stitches you have to count the “V” stitches, remember not consider the slip knot.

Back of the chain:

Watch the photo below to see the back of the chain.

I find easily to count the chain on the front side, but is the same. 

To mantain  a uniform tension, change continuously the grip on the worked chain to have the stitch closer on your hook.

Translation in other languages:

  • Italian: catenella volante
  • German: Wende-Luftmasche (W-Lfm)
  • French: maille air (m-air)
  • Spanish: cadena para girar
  • Italian: nodo scorsoio
  • German: Laufknoten
  • French: noeud coulant
  • Spanish: nudo corredizo
  • Italian: catenella (CAT)
  • German: Luftmaschenkette (Lfm)
  • French: chainette or maille en l’air (ch or ml)
  • Spanish: cadeneta (c)


♥ We have learn how to hold a crochet hook and yarn, and how to work a slip knot and chain…  Now we are ready to learn the BASIC CROCHET STITCHES ^_^ ♥

See you in the next lesson ^_^

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