Ponytail hat crochet with ears | ICE YARNS

a crochet idea, perfect for girls have long hair!

A practical beanie with hole to let out your hair and collect them together, giving an extra touch to the headdress!

This beanie is in collaboration with “Il filo di Arianna maglia e uncinetto” and her ICE YARNS

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Crochet gift ribbon | Tresfere yarn

2 Sunday and than Christmas is coming 😀

Did you start your Christmas shopping?

What do you think about an original crochet idea to decorate your presents?

A gift ribbon crocheted with Swan Thai cord!

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Crochet ornament bow | Tresfere yarn

My Christmas tree is not complete and I have to be faster to make the last ornament … Christmas is coming!!!

Today we crochet together a beautiful Christmas bow!

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Crochet Ornament Star | Tresfere cord

Christmas tree is done ^_^ and now we have to decorate it!

Do you want to crochet Christmas ornaments with me?

So, read more to watch how to crochet a STAR with the Swan cord!!

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Crochet Candy canes | made with Tresfere yarn

Yeah… the magic period of the year is coming!!

Do you want to crochet with me Christmas decorations?

So we start with the creation of CANDY CANES! Read more

Crochet pattern: scallop sea shell

Are you ready to crochet another sea shell?

Today I show you how to crochet a scallop sea shell ^_^

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Crochet Pattern and video tutorial: spiral sea shell

Finally my first summer video tutorial!

I was afraid to crochet some shells applique and now I’m here to show you how to crochet a spiral shell ^_^

Are you ready to crochet?

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GeM earrings – ispirata da Jem & the Holograms

Conoscete Jem & the Holograms? Era un cartone animato degli anni ’80 seguitissimo dalle mie coetanee!

Ho realizzato degli orecchini ispirata da questa rockeggiante protagonista:-)

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cestino uncinetto di Pasqua / crochet Easter basket

Cominciamo a realizzare qualche progetto pasquale? Allora continuate a leggere l’articolo e realizziamo insieme un cestino davvero versatile nel suo utilizzo!

Do you want to create a Easter crochet project? Read more to know how to crochet an adjustable basket!

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Crochet butt pincushion

crochet with me a funny butt pincushion!

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