LadyBug crochet wig | ICE YARNS

parrucca LadyBug

It’s Carnival time and my girls are happy to wear their favorite hero LADY BUG! Do you know her?

Read more to know about this hero and how to crochet LADYBUG WIGS!

in collaboration with “Il filo di Arianna maglia e uncinetto” and ICE YARNS

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Crochet gift ribbon | Tresfere yarn

2 Sunday and than Christmas is coming 😀

Did you start your Christmas shopping?

What do you think about an original crochet idea to decorate your presents?

A gift ribbon crocheted with Swan Thai cord!

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Crochet ornament bow | Tresfere yarn

My Christmas tree is not complete and I have to be faster to make the last ornament … Christmas is coming!!!

Today we crochet together a beautiful Christmas bow!

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Crochet Ornament Star | Tresfere cord

Christmas tree is done ^_^ and now we have to decorate it!

Do you want to crochet Christmas ornaments with me?

So, read more to watch how to crochet a STAR with the Swan cord!!

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Crochet Candy canes | made with Tresfere yarn

Yeah… the magic period of the year is coming!!

Do you want to crochet with me Christmas decorations?

So we start with the creation of CANDY CANES! Read more

Crochet pattern: romantic rose

“The rose speaks silently about love, the language understanding only from heart”


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Crochet pattern: scallop sea shell

Are you ready to crochet another sea shell?

Today I show you how to crochet a scallop sea shell ^_^

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(Italiano) Completino uncinetto con BIO BIMBO Manifatture Sesia

Sorry, this entry is only available in Italian.

Crochet Pattern and video tutorial: spiral sea shell

Finally my first summer video tutorial!

I was afraid to crochet some shells applique and now I’m here to show you how to crochet a spiral shell ^_^

Are you ready to crochet?

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Crochet Dog bone

Yesterday I introduce you the new member in our family, Max!

Today I show you what we can crochet for our friend:

Copyright 2017 mgcreation83

used Materials (facoltative):

  • Used yarn: 50 gr   color white (code 06)
  • Hook size: 3 mm ( 3 US)
  • other materials: old clothes to stuff, needle and scissor

Finished sizes:

  • lenght: approx 20 cm

Stitch library:

follow the pattern watching my video tutorial

Crochet pattern

work in continous round without closing the end with a slip stitch. Mark the last stitch.

Cut the yarn and leave a long tail. Put aside this one semisphere and repeat the steps to crochet a second one.

After then follow the next instructions:

  • 14th: 1SC, 3SC in the same next stitch, 1SC taking the stitch of the other semisphere, make 3 SC in the same next stitch, 24SC, take together the stitch of the other semisphere with 1SC, 3SC in the same next stitch and 25 SC(61 SC);
  • 15th: 2SC, SC 3 together, 2SC, *DEC, 2SC* repeat * 5 times, SC 3 together, 2SC, *DEC, 2SC * repeat * 4 times, 1SC, DEC (37 SC)
  • 16th: DEC, *2SC, DEC * repeat * 8 times, 3SC (28 SC)
  • 17th: 2DEC, 10SC, 2DEC, 9SC, DEC (23 SC)
  • 18th – 31st: 1SC in each stitches around (23 each round)

Fasten off and cut the yarn.

Now repeat all the steps, from the 1st until the 31st to make the second half of the bone.

Follow the video to know how to stuff and sew the bone to finish!

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